Terms and Conditions

        Beaver Market Link Shop-Terms and Conditions

Beaver Market Link Shop is an affiliate shop of other businesses that is created after Beaver Market Online Marketplace to provide the visitors a wider range of products, ignoring our benefits or number of visitors to be missed or lessen.

“You are visiting a page of Link Shop and it’s conditions is not valid in other websites such as “Beaver Market” or any other marketplaces.”

We may earn a small amount of commission if you choose to purchase by linking to these product sellers from their main websites such as Amazon or Ebay.

If you are a buyer and want to purchase the products that we placed in our Link Shop, you need to be connected to that product holder website such as Amazon, to be able to buy that product.

By clicking on Buy button or Link to Buy buttons, you will be directed to those sites in order to purchase.

You are not allowed to pay or purchase anything directly from us in this special Link Shop unless you are linked.

Those websites are the mere provider and seller of that product and are responsible for their sale and shipping services though we will do our best to represent the best and most reliable sites and products with best prices to offer you the best deals.

You may need to login in the destination websites in order to be able to purchase their goods and services. If you logged in during your purchase in linked website you won’t need to login our website for your online shopping anymore.

Please note that some on-sale prices might not be valid at the time of your purchase, or the sale price might be different a bit of what we demonstrate, because on-sale prices might be expired in the main website without our knowledge unless we update the prices time to time. So the purchase prices might be less or higher than what you see in our pages somehow.


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